This service is launching with a temporary offer: discounted rates and extensive streaming. Note: taking the Unified Extreme Vocal Course is a prerequisite for this service. The objective is to leverage course material so that we can focus purely on personal vocal development, rather than diving into the details of advanced exercises or principles. Students can enjoy personal feedback, collective learning, and lesson recordings for only $40 per class, and have access to all recordings for over a month (until the cycle repeats and new classes are added).

Class Details:

  • Each class will likely run 2-3 hours
  • Expect 5-10 students per class (20 max)
  • Broadcast time will be collectively decided on (using polls in the fb group)
  • Recordings will be streamable for the duration of your subscription
  • Purchase your credit(s) on the course streaming site
  • You will be prompted to fill out a form regarding topics of interest
  • You will receive an email with class information and a Zoom link
  • Come to class with the course absorbed & questions prepared
You Receive:
  • Guaranteed time for 1:1 vocal feedback (15+ minutes per class)
  • Extensive collective learning (via feedback to others' processes)
  • Access to 1 live group class per month
  • Access to all available class recordings (lesson library)


A collective lesson system, designed for maximum value and affordability. In time, this service will evolve into a subscription-based system with 3 tiers of access:

  • Group Classes
  • Mastery Q&A
  • Lesson Library
Group Classes will have limited capacity, and provide guaranteed 1:1 feedback on advanced technique refinement and personal troubleshooting. Mastery Q&A will have unlimited capacity, and provide general support for vocal development. Lesson Library access will provide streaming of all recordings, but no live interaction. Classes will run monthly, and the lesson library will constantly expand.

All levels focus on helping students refine their techniques and resolve questions about their process. Any need for lecture or fundamental information will reference the Unified Extreme Vocal Course (which is a prerequisite). The main value here is in personal feedback and unique problem-solving solutions. As well, learning from others stimulates growth, and this collective process will be very beneficial to all involved. More information will be shared as this service evolves.


If you've registered for the course, you can find any new developments in the Private Facebook Group. Subscription rates are starting low at first. Eventually the price will increase, with options to attend new monthly classes, or pay less to simply have access to the lesson library. This service is an extension of the vocal course, and instead of lectures and set curriculums, it runs organically (like 1:1 lessons), focusing purely on helping students develop and refine their techniques. Supporting this helps Unified Extreme as a whole - the ongoing course creation process, and your vocal mastery process. Thanks for your support!


Here are some other options for personal feedback and mastery guidance: 1:1 Private Lessons ($120/h - includes downloadable recordings) Group Private Lessons ($75/h each, 2-3 students, includes recordings) Video Feedback ($20 for a 10 minute video response to your questions)