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Service Summary

Hi, I'm a vocal teacher that specializes in exotic and extreme techniques. I just moved to Salt Spring and am starting to offer my services, with focus on Throat Singing. Along with free workshops to connect with the community, I am offering a significant local discount on private lessons. The techniques we cover provide an excellent basis for Sound Healers and Musicians looking to expand their vocal talents. After establishing healthy vocal mechanics, we explore both experimental effects and traditional Throat Singing techniques, through a simple step-by-step process. Additionally, my method has been designed from a Unity-oriented perspective, and the exercises we do apply to a much broader spectrum than Throat Singing alone. They are universal principles for all overtone & distortion effects. This includes vocal techniques commonly used in Metal, Rock, Voice Acting, and Beatboxing. Contemporary Singing techniques can also be enhanced by the overtone fundamentals we discuss. Not to mention... playing around with your voice can be a lot of fun. How you wish to integrate this offering is really up to you. All the best!

Upcoming Workshops

Free Workshop: Introduction to Throat Singing Sunday, November 28, 2021

Local Lessons & Discount

Please view the official Lessons page for more information on my 1:1 services. Before starting, be sure to check out my free introductory offerings (local workshops and online tutorials). My standard rate at this time for online lessons is $120/h USD ($150/h CAD), with recordings included and discount bundles available. However, here on Salt Spring I'll be offering my services at a large discount - only $100 CAD for a session. This can be in person or via Zoom, recorded if you wish, and range from 60-90 minutes (extra time gifted at my discretion).

My local offerings will likely focus on Throat Singing, but I also offer technique coaching for Metal, Rock, Voice Acting, Beatboxing, and more.

Note: this special discount is only for those who live on the island. All other inquiries will abide by standard Unified Extreme Vocal Academy rates. See the Bookings & Contact tab below to schedule your lesson!

About & Reviews

My name is Brandon Kennedy. I'm a vocal teacher that specializes in exotic and extreme techniques. This includes Metal, Rock, Throat Singing, Voice Acting, Beatboxing, and more. See my official About page for more information - but here's a summary:

  • 12+ years of experience
  • Extensive study of voice science
  • 180+ students in 30 different countries
  • Classical & contemporary technique basis
  • Completed my own laryngoscopy research
  • Created the Unified Extreme Vocal Course
  • Designed a unique, groundbreaking vocal method
  • Learned from many sources, including Throat Singing masters
  • High student success rate, and prominent positive reviews
You can find my reviews linked on the Lessons page.

Bookings & Contact

To book your private vocal lesson:

  • Contact me to schedule. Messaging is preferred, or you can fill out this form to connect via email. (Note: the following email is not my primary inbox, so the form is ideal). We'll figure out a time that works for both of us.
  • E-transfer $100 CAD to All lessons are paid for before we start. If you want to do cash that's fine, but e-transfer is preferred.
Things to note:
  • All online lessons (Zoom or Skype) will be recorded by me and provided to you via Dropbox.
  • If our lesson is in person and you want to record it (either all of it or just a review at the end), be sure to bring some kind of device yourself. Some students have done this audio-only in the past, which is great, but I recommend video if possible.
  • Visit the official Lessons page for more information, and details about my cancellation policy.

Community Group

Please join this group :)
Salt Spring Throat Singing (Community)
It's one of the few online groups I'll be setting up. I'm excited to connect with the local community!