This service is here to provide a low-cost alternative to 1:1 lessons, for those who are seeking vocal feedback or technique development advice.

Following the steps in the tab below - you can contact me with questions, and I will send you a thoughtful 10 minute (or so) video response, providing insights and solutions to your current vocal setbacks or issues.

Note: due to the limited timeframe, this service is only available for students. You must have registered for the course or have taken at least 1 lesson. Otherwise, the amount of foundation needed to provide useful insights would exceed the time limit.


Besides private lessons, if you have registered for the Unified Extreme Vocal Course, you are also eligible for Mastery Guidance services (low-cost group classes that are focused on personal feedback). See here for more information, and visit the private course members site to sign up.


To receive this service, simply follow these steps:

  • Send me a written, audio, or video message (2-5 minutes max) at explaining where you're at and what you need help with. (If you're not quite sure that's okay too - I can assess your technique regardless).

  • Be sure to include some audio example(s) of your current vocal technique, and let me know what your goals are (ex. bands that inspire you are a good reference point).

  • Order this service using the PayPal button below.

  • I'll spend time going through your message(s) and create a thoughtful video response (and may include some written messages if I feel it's necessary).

  • You'll receive a 10 minute (or so) video focused on your progress, troubleshooting insights (to overcome any barriers you are experiencing), and the most important exercises or coordinations that would solve your issues.


The starting rate for this personal feedback service is $20 USD. This may raise to $25+ in the near future, and is subject to adapt over time with demand and availability.

For perspective, my current 1:1 lesson rate is $120/h, so for the 15-20 minutes of time and energy it will take me to provide this service, the rate should be higher. However, for now, I will be offering this low-cost service at a discount.

I can't count how many times I have provided written, audio, & video feedback to students in the past – all for free. But the reality is, this service simply takes too much time and energy to sustain that way (which I'm sure people can understand). I hope this inexpensive option for detailed feedback will serve your journey to vocal mastery.