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  • The Kennedy Method: Curriculum
    My method honours and credits everything I’ve learned from many great teachers, while highlighting the new exercises & discoveries I’ve made myself, and breaks it all down into a colourful, systematic map for extreme vocals. It has taken me 10 years of hard work to decipher & connect all the pieces… but now the breakthroughs & shortcuts are arranged so that you can easily navigate to the professional level at an accelerated pace. I first had to master my own chosen vocal techniques (screaming towards the polar extents of the human voice), and break them down into components, before formulating the easiest possible routes to success, and using the reference points to expand across the vocal spectrum. This universal approach to extreme vocals is guaranteed to expand your vocal capabilities and refine your techniques. It has the potential to change the game and shift your entire approach to overtone & distortion. It offers a massive toolbox to explore your voice with, an understanding of how it all connects, and guidance to achieve your personal goals. See this document for more curriculum insights. We start by establishing a scientific understanding of the vocal mechanism, the functions of extreme vocals, and the step-by-step building blocks you can use to develop expert vocal control safely. We then expand on everything through many creative lenses, with multiple perspectives, and colourful troubleshooting. We go through the fundamentals, and then straight into the treasures of the method – unique, progressive overtone & distortion exercises, aligned for ease and effectiveness. Starting from the basics, we build strong vocal control through experimentation with isolated sounds & sensory awareness, allowing full relaxation for even the heaviest forms of distortion. These step-by-step exercises build on each other directly, giving you immense foundation for advanced techniques. The "voices" we use trigger the correct form for functional overtone & distortion, without the need to "push" or constrict. By building muscle memory in a relaxed state, you can completely bypass the typical issues or blocks that arise when attempting extreme vocals. After our foundation has been established, Masterclass content will dive deep into diversity and the nuances of vocal finesse. Once we understand the system we’re working with and how to flow with it, modulating to our personal goals becomes simple. With the exercises integrated, we will combine & modulate them to explore a broad spectrum of vocal styles. This includes (but isn’t limited to) individual focus on every unique extreme vocal preference (for example, all Metal styles, subgenres & ranges).
  • About Brandon & Research
    I’m Brandon Kennedy – a passionate musician, vocalist, vocal teacher, and video producer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Unified Extreme is my gift to the world – an educational powerhouse and supportive community network, here to help you free your voice and achieve your dreams. I have… • Studied vocals for over 10 years (through many avenues - see below) • Taught 160+ students in 29 countries • Mastered numerous extreme vocal techniques • Specialized in Metal, but have experience with all extreme vocal variations I have developed a deep understanding of the vocal mechanism and am able to convey scientific, imaginative, and pragmatic concepts in simple ways that are easy to understand. My method offers a step-by-step process that is practical, universal, and easy to implement. It has proven its effectiveness with excellent results, as noted in student reviews. The course I am offering (and all future content) will embody my service as a teacher, available to all in-depth. With this work published, I will expand to release music and fulfill other callings. My vision is to reach full potential – publish my life’s work, speak my truth, create, express, connect, and serve others on their journeys. (Meeting Adrian Fitipaldes (ex-Northlane) in 2013 & Phil Bozeman (Whitechapel) in 2011) You may remember me from my early YouTube days. Passionate about helping people, I began making free “How-To Scream” tutorials in 2009 shortly after learning the basics, and progressed over time. Many years of research & transformation have passed since the last mass production of tutorials (2012-2014) – all of which have been privatized due to quality standards. Only a 2016 tutorial remains, which summarized an incomplete version of what is now The Kennedy Method. The Unified Extreme Vocal Course is guaranteed to raise the bar far above anything released previously. This is because Unified Extreme will deliver a complete map to extreme vocal mastery – one that is correct, dynamic, tested, and supported by research. I set out to achieve this in the beginning, but it took a long time to discover all the pieces and integrate them to the whole. Many techniques had to be explored and personally mastered first (to ensure the most comprehensive & thorough teachings), and many of the unique exercises I have developed were isolated & arranged by reverse-engineering those mastered techniques. The Kennedy Method, offered through the Unified Extreme Vocal Course, is the amalgamation of all my research and conclusions of the last 10 years. My conclusions regarding extreme vocal functionality have been largely drawn from personal laryngoscopy research (in reference to voice science). A thorough presentation is releasing shortly. My first of 3 recent sessions was contributed to Melissa Cross’s NWVC presentation. (North West Voice Conference 2017 with Melissa Cross) While my method focuses on the new developments I am offering, it references the great work I have studied and gives credit where it is due. This even includes some awesome contributions from students! (Everyone is my teacher, “teaching is learning twice”, and I learn more every day.) The foundation I started with credits to Melissa Cross, who published the Zen of Screaming series, and pioneered this field of extreme vocal study. We began working together in 2016 and her reflections have been very helpful to my process. I have been open-minded in my work and studied as many sources as possible, so I can ensure a valuable, impactful, well-rounded approach. Certain exercises, perspectives, or ideas may be shared and credited. (This list will expand over time.) Some notable sources include: - Melissa Cross (Zen of Screaming) - Geordie Roberts, Lars Kaario (Capilano University Music Program - Classical Voice) - Shelagh Davies M. Sc., S-LP (C) - Sherri Zelazny MA RSLP, CCC-SLP (Laryngoscopy Research) - Scott McCoy (Your Voice: An Inside View) - Alex Glenfield (Throat Singing Master) - Steve Sklar (Throat Singing Master) - North West Voice Conference 2017 - Leda Scearce CCC-SLP, MM, MS - National Association of Teachers of Singing ( - CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) - Lee Tockar (OTM - Voice Acting) - Jaime Vendera (Raise Your Voice) - Chris Breetzi (Art of Screaming) - Per Bristow - Ken Tamplin - Music Mentors Online - Many great reflections & contributions from vocalist friends, students, & teachers (credited in context)
  • Conditions & Suggestions
    Practice Required! I know this course will yield amazing results for you – but you must commit to practicing the material! We’ll make it straight-forward and fun. You’ll have the map all laid out for you so you just need to follow the steps. I will show you the path of least resistance – but you must walk it. You’re Responsible – Be Careful: As a legal disclaimer – Unified Extreme isn’t liable for any complications or vocal damage – you are responsible for yourself. Not that you should experience any problems – you will be guided through a controlled process to achieve vocal evolution safely – but be aware that you must be careful and follow the instructions. There are specific parameters in this method that must be abided to ensure safety. I have never experienced voice problems and with this method you shouldn't either. But I can't be there 1-on-1 to ensure your process is in optimal alignment, so you must try your best to notice if anything feels off, and reach out to me if you need help. Tune into your voice, feel your body, and notice if something isn't clicking right. Don't get reckless – if anything feels uncomfortable or painful, it’s not correct. So be open to let go, review the fundamentals, approach things another way, and if needed, pick up your practice another day. With proper etiquette you won’t experience any complications, and I will be there to guide you through the process. Personal Q&A feedback and a colourful spectrum of options for troubleshooting exercises will be offered every webinar. You’ve Got This! Once you integrate the fundamentals, you should have all the stability and control necessary to achieve the advanced techniques you’re here to learn with astounding ease. Believe in your ability to achieve your goals & you will undoubtedly succeed. Work is required to develop any skill, but living the dream is worth the effort. A fundamental step in the process is letting go of limiting beliefs! Your potential is infinite. For Best Results, Claim Your Space: Watch and practice the course material in a space you feel comfortable in. You will be experimenting with your voice and will be asked to make weird sounds, in order to progressively build vocal control. To assist this process, do whatever you need to do to make your environment ideal. If necessary, receive the course material in a space where no one can hear you, and you can be as loud or expressive as you want, without fear of being heard. It will be much more fun & you'll make way more breakthroughs this way! (examples: sound-dampened bedroom, jam space, car, garage, practice when no one is home). Benefit of the Masterclass: It may actually be helpful that we aren't face-to-face. The fear of being seen in the early stages of learning new vocal skills is very common. You will be put on the spot repeatedly to mimic and create the sounds I will guide you through. Be prepared to let your voice do its thing and let go of any hang-ups! This system should work well for your comfort zone, while also supporting your process with LIVE Q&A. Embrace Your Expression: Embrace the experimentation, the sounds, the overall expression… have fun with it. And especially during the exercises we’ll be doing - embrace the weirdness! Your weirdness, my weirdness... we're all weirdos, it's okay. And if we choose to embrace it instead of fearing, resisting, or repressing it, we open the doors to embodying our greatest vocal potential. Being comfortable with your voice on a fundamental level is a huge step towards mastery. Let Go – Don’t Hold Back: You must allow yourself to vocalize without restraint. Easier said than done – but vocal freedom is largely a mental game, which can be cultivated over time. The first step, as mentioned previously, is practicing in the right environment. But there are many layers that may affect your performance. A big one is being too “in your head” and thinking consciously about what you’re doing, rather than flowing subconsciously (this one hits home for me personally, and we will explore specific exercises to overcome it). In general, we are aiming for a relaxation response to overtone & distortion. We want to let things flow, and not be scared to express or project if needed – even if the sounds are really bizarre. Most primary exercises are relatively quiet, but in many cases advanced exercises are louder and can’t be half-attempted. When it comes to shout-screams for example, you’ll really need to let your voice be free. Achieving distortion in a relaxed state isn’t just about not “pushing” or trying too hard. A balance of form & support is necessary, but it really comes down to how you’re perceiving the sounds you’re creating, and whether or not you can flow with the breath. “Blockages” can be a real problem with many unseen layers. Some could be as simple as not wanting others to hear you practice. Some are more subtle, like perceiving sounds as aggressive, clenching up or trying to squeeze the sound out, therefore stressing the whole mechanism and limiting your results. Others can be as deep as energetic blockages that inhibit your ability to sing & express freely (for example: suppression of your voice in childhood, wounds around speaking up and being shut down, not loving your voice, not believing in yourself, or general lack of confidence). These are all potential blockages that must be overcome if one truly wants to unleash their voice and express freely. And if any of them resonates with you – it’s okay! Myself and many others have dealt with it too, and we will help you overcome any obstacles. _______________________________________________________ This is why the Unified Extreme symbol is a vibrant throat chakra. It is empowering to use your voice and speak your truth freely. And why the Flower of Life surrounds it – we are all connected, and in this together.
  • Teacher Certification
    The Kennedy Method™ contains protected intellectual property that must be credited if referenced. Completing the Unified Extreme Vocal Course is a prerequisite to apply for additional training, which would certify you to teach The Kennedy Method yourself. Certified teachers will be noted on the Unified Extreme Community Forum. Why Offer This? I envision a thriving community with more Extreme Vocal Teachers worldwide. Local availability, competitive prices, multi-lingual translation options, and passionate vocalists expanding their careers... a win-win scenario for students and teachers everywhere. No matter how impactful online courses are, everyone benefits from recurring 1-on-1 reflection (private lessons). With my rate increasing as I release content, I want to make sure this knowledge remains accessible and affordable to aspiring vocalists, always. You could be amongst the first wave of new teachers to offer this unique style of instruction to your community! As for me, I trust people will honour my work, refer to my videos, and continue to see me for lessons. Benefits - Become a highly-skilled and effective Extreme Vocal Teacher - Offer your services locally (you might be the first in your area) - Teach online to students worldwide - Receive all my tips and reflections for vocal teaching - Integrate a well-rounded, universal approach to overtone & distortion - Expand your toolbox & arsenal of vocal techniques you can teach - Receive a certificate to add to your credentials - Validate a stronger lesson rate - Help others in the community achieve their goals - Promote your certified services on the Unified Extreme Community Forum - Ask any advanced or specific questions regarding the method Conditions This training will only be open to those who demonstrate vocal expertise and active understanding of the method. A video submission will be requested. Your understanding, integration, and demonstration of The Kennedy Method will be evaluated. You will be tested on noticing correct vs. incorrect form to ensure safe instruction to your students, amongst other nuances. This service won't be available until after the course is completely published. More information & pricing will be addressed later on.




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