Free Workshop:
Introduction to Throat Singing

  • Exclusive to the Salt Spring Community

  • In-Person (Limited Capacity) & Online via Zoom

Workshop Topics

  • Anatomy
  • Breathing
  • Resonance
  • Overtone Basics
  • Khoomei
  • Kargyraa
  • Sygyt

Date & Location

Date & Time: Sunday, November 28th, 6pm
Duration: 1.5 hours presentation & exercises + 30 mins Q&A Location: North End - address & directions will be emailed to those who register. In-person access will be limited capacity, but spacious enough for a small group. When registering you will be asked if you wish to attend in-person or online. We will be accepting all individuals without discrimination, asking only that everyone be conscious and intuitive of their health status before attending. There will be plenty of room for everyone to have their personal space.


Donations will be accepted, but don't feel obligated. This is meant to be a free offering for the community.

Zoom Link

If you are tuning in online, I'll email you a Zoom link before the event.


  • Throat Singing Examples & Vocal Anatomy

  • Breathing & Resonance Fundamentals

  • Overtone Principles & Basic Exercises

  • Khoomei, Kargyraa, & Sygyt

This workshop provides an excellent basis for Sound Healers and Musicians looking to expand their vocal talents. After establishing healthy vocal mechanics, we will explore both experimental effects and traditional Throat Singing techniques, through a simple step-by-step process.

Universal Application

These lessons and tools apply to a much broader spectrum than Throat Singing alone. They are universal principles for all overtone & distortion effects. This includes exotic and extreme vocal techniques commonly used in Metal, Rock, Voice Acting, and Beatboxing. Contemporary Singing techniques can also be enhanced by the overtone fundamentals we discuss.

Not to mention... playing around with your voice can be a lot of fun.


How you wish to integrate this offering is really up to you. 

Salt Spring Throat Singing

For more information on local 1:1 lessons and discounts, visit the Salt Spring Throat Singing home page. Note: these pages are hidden from the public on the Unified Extreme Vocal Academy site. You'll want to bookmark them or remember where you found the link. Cheers!

About the Facilitator

Hi, my name is Brandon Kennedy. I'm a vocal teacher that specializes in exotic and extreme techniques. This includes Metal, Rock, Throat Singing, Voice Acting, Beatboxing, and more. See my official About page for more information - but here's a summary:

  • 12+ years of experience
  • Extensive study of voice science
  • 180+ students in 30 different countries
  • Classical & contemporary technique basis
  • Completed my own laryngoscopy research
  • Created the Unified Extreme Vocal Course
  • Designed a unique, groundbreaking vocal method
  • Learned from many sources, including Throat Singing masters
  • High student success rate, and prominent positive reviews
You can find my reviews linked on the Lessons page.

Community Group

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Salt Spring Throat Singing (Community)
It's one of the few online groups I'll be setting up. I'm excited to connect with the local community!

More Info & Tutorials

The best place to find more information relevant to this Throat Singing workshop (and local discounts on private lessons) is the Salt Spring Throat Singing home page. You can also check out for other content I have posted, including a free webinar on Overtone Singing Basics (streamed in 2019). I also have a short playlist on my YouTube channel, recommended some great tutorials from a Throat Singing master I learned from.