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Free Workshop:
Introduction to Throat Singing

  • Exclusive to the Salt Spring Community

  • In-Person (Limited Capacity) & Online via Zoom


  • Throat Singing Examples & Vocal Anatomy

  • Breathing & Resonance Fundamentals

  • Overtone Principles & Basic Exercises

  • Khoomei, Kargyraa, & Sygyt

This workshop provides an excellent basis for Sound Healers and Musicians looking to expand their vocal talents. After establishing healthy vocal mechanics, we will explore both experimental effects and traditional Throat Singing techniques, through a simple step-by-step process.

Universal Application

These lessons and tools apply to a much broader spectrum than Throat Singing alone. They are universal principles for all overtone & distortion effects. This includes exotic and extreme vocal techniques commonly used in Metal, Rock, Voice Acting, and Beatboxing. Contemporary Singing techniques can also be enhanced by the overtone fundamentals we discuss.

Not to mention... playing around with your voice can be a lot of fun.


How you wish to integrate this offering is really up to you. 

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